How do people see my tour?
Tours are accessible by virtually any computer or mobile idevice such as an iPhone, iPad, iTouch and Android devices.

What makes my tour an immersive experience?
Our free 360iTours app allows an immersive viewing experience. It’s as if you are in the movable picture you are looking at. Your computer and mobile devices become portals to your location.  Point up with your iPhone/iPad to see the ceiling skylights.  Look down at the reflective hardwood floors; or right, a lovely picture window.  “You will feel like you’re there”.

How do I control my tour?
Your 360 degree view is completely at your control—depending on your device, using either a mouse, your fingertips, or rotating your mobile device, you can see straight up, down, left, right - virtually 360 degrees around. You can even zoom in and out.

How can I share my tour with others?
There is no cost to view the scenes in your tour after it is uploaded to our Amazon server and maintained by our company. The enhanced feature of social networking with Facebook, Twitter and email are also at your control.

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