• What is a scene?
    An individual 360 degree panoramic view of one specific area of your location. For example, a lobby of a hotel, waiting room of an office, or bar area of a restaurant.
  • What is a tour?
    A tour is a group of 360 degree panoramic scenes that encompass your entire location or business. For example, the lobby, guest rooms, and restaurant of a hotel.
  • How many scenes do I need for my tour?
    Your 360 degree panoramic tour is composed of as many scenes as you would like to offer as an immersive tour of your environment.
  • If my business is comprised of one main room or area, how would this be showcased?
    The immersive scenes could include the outside view of your business as well as 2 or 3 different vantage points from inside the room.
  • What does it cost for my tour?
    Depending on the number of scenes selected, the minimum set-up/processing fee starts at $799.
  • How do I get started for my location?
    Contact 360iTours at info@360itours.com or call us at 619-799-8611. Our tour guides will assist you.
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